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Why would you Use a Sewer Grinder Pump for your Water Sewage Treatment?

Your water sewage treatment is usually handled by the municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This is generally handled by a sewage pump which pumps the waste straight in to the municipal lines for further treatment at the municipal wastewater site. When you use a septic tank pump your wastewater is generally being pumped to your private septic tank facilities. You would then be handling your own water sewage treatment. Occasionally, you may need to pump your waste-water through smaller pipes or your sewage pump may not be able to handle large solids, this is when you would generally employ a sewer grinder pump.

When you have a sewer grinder pump it does not mean that you can just flush anything down the toilet as many items can cause damage to the pump and result in a shorter life or cause it to fail all together.  Items that are abrasive such as sand, cat litter and coffee grounds should be discarded in the garbage, never in the water sewage treatment system. Items such as cloth, play-dough, modelling clay,  cigarette butts, cotton swabs and dental floss are not biodegradable and can damage your sewer grinder pump as well as cause clogging in your water sewage treatment facilities, whether a private septic tank or your connection to the municipal lines. Other items commonly found in waste water that should not be flushed include : caustic chemicals, degreasers, condoms, diapers, oils and fats, glass, disposable wipes (even those listed as biodegradable), metal, panty liners, anything plastic, tampons, toothpicks, sanitary napkins, paper towels, cotton swabs, latex items or anything else that is harmful or does not dissolve in water.

When purchasing a property, building or just replacing the pumps, it is important that a proper inspection is done and that the work is undertaken by someone who is an expert in the field. This will prevent hazards, incorrect fitting and finishing and a longer lasting solution as the pump fitted by a professional is less likely to go wrong as one incorrectly fitted by an amateur.

There are a few other reasons people use sewer grinder pumps especially for a new installation.  This includes being able to make use of smaller piping and much smaller trenches to run the piping through to the main sewers or septic tanks. If the lank is very uneven or rocky, then a pressure type system, using a grinder pump is also a better option than the standard gravity type systems.

Sewer grinder pumps are also used for water sewage treatment at large facilities such as camping grounds, restaurants, correctional facilities, hospitals, large institutions, lift stations and at wastewater treatment plants.  These pumps grind all the larger waste into a sludge or slurry which can then be treated easier and more water can be reclaimed. Sewer grinder pumps are used to handle raw sewage, food processing waste products, animal waste, debris, certain types of trash, chicken and fish processing waste, sludge and the usual toilet waste. You need to ensure that you use the correct pump based on your specific needs as not all sewer grinder pumps can handle all types of materials and there are different treatments required depending on the waste products in the waste-water.


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