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Why Use Solar Energy over Traditional Fossil Fuels


The demand for electricity continues to rise as people now have so many electronic appliances and gadgets for which they need to provide power. On top of that, the natural resources used to make electricity are also quickly being depleted. With the dwindling natural resources, it won’t be long before people will have to go back to the time when the only source of light in the dark were candles and torches.

But what if there’s a way to produce electricity without needing to burn fossil fuels, or depleting the Earth’s natural resources completely? What if there’s a way to power your gadgets using clean, renewable energy? There actually are many ways to do this, and the one that everyone should explore is the idea of using solar energy for the home.

Solar Energy for the Future

Solar energy is a renewable energy that comes from the sun. It’s captured by solar panels that convert the radiation from the sun into electricity that can power gadgets, appliances, and other electrical devices.

For so many reasons, it’s better than the traditional source of energy, which is the burning of fossil fuels. Read on to find out what these reasons are:

  1. Radiation from the sun is a clean source of energy – When you utilize the sun’s rays, it doesn’t produce waste materials that can harm the environment, like the burning of fossil fuels does. It doesn’t emit smoke like fuels do, which is known to cause problems for the ozone layer, and respiratory problems for people.
  2. Solar energy is renewable – Every day when you wake up you see the sun, and sometimes you complain that it gives off too much heat. Unknowingly, you’re experiencing its renewable powers. Unlike fossil fuels that are being depleted as more people use electricity, sunlight will remain as long as the sun is around. If you use it to power your house, you can enjoy air conditioning for free, using the renewable energy that the sun provides.
  3. It’s better for the environment – Coal, oil, and natural gas are all major sources of greenhouse emissions. When they’re burned, these fossil fuels release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The gases affect the ozone layer.

The ozone layer protects the Earth from the sun’s harmful rays. It keeps the sun’s heat from melting the polar ice caps, and causing global temperatures to rise. Since people started burning fossil fuels, the ozone layer has thinned out considerably. There have been arguments that there are ‘holes’ in the ozone layer, where the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays are able to pass through freely. These rays can cause skin cancer in humans.

  1. It can provide you with energy wherever you are – there are parts of the planet that still doesn’t have electricity. Many people struggling with poverty aren’t able to have electricity installed in their communities because they don’t have the capacity to pay for the service that power corporations charge.

But if they use the power of the sun, they can get electricity year round for free. If more people are made aware of the sun’s power and more affluent communities can donate solar panels to these marginalized people, everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can have electricity. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are not as easily accessible.

  1. It can provide you with surplus energy – the countries that flank the equator are the places where there’s a lot more sunlight. In fact, these places experience the most amount of yearly sunlight.

If they only know how to harness that much power, they could be supplying power to the rest of the world easily. All that surplus energy can be sold to places that don’t have as much. In the case of fossil fuels, your energy is limited by the amount of fossil fuel you have.

The future of solar energy is very upbeat. Solar energy is ripe for the taking. No one has ownership of it. Anyone can use it whenever they need to. Use the power of the sun in place of burning fossil fuels, and get free electricity for life.

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