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Why do you Need Contingency Plan for Power Cuts?

Power cuts could hamper your business in the worst possible manner. There could be several examples of power cuts hampering the business and lifestyle of the people in the recent past. Approximately 63,000 properties in North Lancashire were left powerless on 21st June 2017. On 28th June, the Edinburgh Airport experienced worst power cut resulting in delayed flights. More than 170,000 km of electricity cables have been used for maintaining of power. Regardless, there have been power cuts experienced by businesses in UK. The question to ponder upon would be how much they would affect your business.

We, along with Flogas, the retailers for commercial gas investigated the cost of power outages. The duo also looked forward to solution for protecting the company from unplanned disruption caused by power failure.

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Various causes of power cut

Power cuts could happen due to several reasons beyond the control of any person. The harsh weather conditions could be the major reason for frequent power cuts in UK. In January 2015, more than one million people were stranded across the North Eastern Scotland region due to storm broken loose had struck the power cables. Similar incident happened in Florida where Hurricane Irma left approximately 4.4 million people without electricity. Other reasons for power cuts would be inclusive of squirrel chewing up the power cables in Somerset, left around 1000 homes without power. Regardless the reason, power disruptions could hamper your business in the worst possible manner.

Having a contingency plan

You should always have a contingency plan for power cuts. It would help you reduce the damage caused to the business by frequent power cuts. You could start with having a UPS for computer, standalone generator and gas cylinders. You should start saving your work on regular basis. A good option would be to make use of mobile device for communicating with your clients and customers.

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