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Save Time, Save Space, Save the Environment

The retail industry is constantly growing with more and more businesses opening up every day. From fashion and accessories, to electronics, auto parts and more, consumers always have a need and there will always be a seller to fill that need.

Recyclable Waste Solutions

Although this boosts the economy, it also creates a lot of waste. Everything that is sold in stores has to be shipped there. The packaging and shipping boxes take up a lot of space and most retailers are left lugging these heavy boxes to an outdoor dumpster, then heaving them over into the bin. Many retailers pay high prices for these bins which fill up quickly and then they have to pay to have the boxes recycled. It is the environmentally friendly thing to do, after all.

Miltek UK Waste Balers Save Time and Money

Shouldn’t there be an easier, more effective and more economical way to dispose of cardboard waste? There is, and it comes from Miltek UK, the industry leader in waste balers and compactors. Waste balers make it easy for companies to dispose of their recyclable waste by having it baled into a more compact and user-friendly size. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for department stores or any high-volume retailer looking for a solution to their recyclable waste.

Companies can save time and money by using a waste baler or compactor and they can even sell their baled waste rather than pay to have it hauled away. Everything from cardboard and plastic, to polystyrene can be safely and conveniently compacted into an environmentally friendly cube. Waste balers from Miltek UK are usually located inside the business so employees don’t have to carry trolleys of recyclables outside in bad weather.

     Miltek UK waste balers and compactors can save your business time and money and provide an environmentally friendly way to deal with excess packaging materials. To learn more about Miltek UK and our full line of waste balers and compactors, contact us today.

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