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Medical Marijuana: What Are The Benefits?

For many years, misconceptions perpetrated by the media have falsely portrayed cannabis as a dangerous drug. The truth is that cannabis is a totally natural element that can be found in nature. Even when not tampered with by genetically modifying engineering, the effects of cannabis on the human body are largely the same. That is to say that although cannabis provides a high when taken into the body, it has numerous health benefits. Because of these health benefits there is a sector of the medical industry that is willingly to impart medical marijuana for the sake of pain, relaxation, and creating appetite in patients. So it can be said that marijuana is officially recognized for its medical properties. If smoking at home, websites such as roll-uh-bowl.com can provide a way for you to smoke comfortably. Here are some of the health benefits of marijuana.

Treating Glaucoma

It has long since been advised by doctors for those who suffer glaucoma to use medical marijuana. Glaucoma is the damaging of the optic nerve. Fluid begins to build up in the front part of the eye causing a painful pressure that damages the optic nerve. Glaucoma can be very painful and can even lead to blindness within the effected eye. IOP, or intraocular pressure, can be lowered by using medical marijuana which will ease the pain.

Alleviating Seizures

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, binds to the cells in the brain that are directly responsible for the violent spasms during a seizure. Because the THC binds to these cells they are able to keep the person suffering the seizure relatively calm. This will either ease the pain of the seizure or stop it all together. The plant is even able to halt the extreme problems presented by Dravet Syndrome, a developmental disease that causes a massive amount of seizures.

Easing Anxiety

Over 3 million Americans suffer chronic anxiety in the United States. Anxiety can be difficult to deal with as it affects many parts of a person’s everyday life by making simple tasks seem insurmountable. Anxiety can also cause problems with sleep as the sufferer will have their mind constantly occupied by their thoughts. Anxiety is very difficult to deal with however; low doses of marijuana are able to calm a person down. Higher doses, like some prescription medications, can be dangerous for a person with anxiety and may increase the symptoms. Much like traditional medicine, marijuana for anxiety must be taken seriously.

These are just a few of the medical benefits of marijuana and the cannabis family. The amount of good medical marijuana can do for its users are unprecedented and new discoveries from its study are being made every day. Not only does marijuana help from a medical standpoint, marijuana has an entire culture behind its use. The amount of comradelier, understanding, and instant connection between marijuana users is something highly advocated by the marijuana community. The negative side effects of marijuana, in comparison to other legal intoxicants such as alcohol are minimal in comparison.

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