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Five Green Heating and Cooling Options

Lots of homeowners today are looking for the best ways to make their homes greener. Going green in your home is a good choice for the environment, and it is also good for your wallet. You can save a bundle on your heating and cooling costs if you make the right choices. Here are five smart methods you can use to heat and cool your home the eco-friendly way.

1. Geothermal System

One of the best ways to make your home heating and cooling greener is to harness the power of the planet to heat and cool your home. A home geothermal system takes advantage of the fact that the temperature of the Earth is stable deep underground. At roughly 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the air is pumped up from underground to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.

2. Solar Power

If you want to keep your home heated and cooled without releasing any carbon into the atmosphere, then installing a solar power system at your home is a wise move. With solar panels on your roof, you can collect enough free electricity to cover your own needs and even sell the excess back to the electric company. You can also use passive solar to heat water and tour home without having to install batteries and solar panels.

3. Wood Stoves

Easily the coolest way to go green with your home heating is to get a wood-burning stove. You may think that burning wood isn’t exactly green, but wood is in fact a renewable resource. The carbon from the tree gets released into the atmosphere whether it is burnt or naturally decomposes, and the modern woodstoves that burn pellets like the ones at Kingdom BioFuel are eco-friendly and efficient.

4. Hydronic Heating

Most people know about old-fashioned radiators like you might see at your grandparents’ house or other old buildings. Using heated water to heat your home is not a novel idea, but hydronic heating accomplishes it in a new, eco-friendly way. The water is pumped through pipes in the walls and floors to heat your home with radiant heating, but the water is heated with passive solar and geothermal sources to make it green.

5. Wind Power

The wind has long been harnessed for power, but far too few people use it today to power their homes. With a wind turbine on your property, you could generate enough electricity to provide all the energy you need to heat and cool your house. It’s a good idea to get a wind turbine if you live in an area where it is practical.

Going green is a smart move in so many ways. You limit the impact of your lifestyle on the planet, helping to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. You also get to save a bundle on your heating and cooling costs. Use the five tips presented above, and you can make your home heating and cooling as green as possible.

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