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EPA lead safety certification

Post ban of lead contaminated paints in 1978, home renovators have to abide by the law and pass home and building renovations by authorized lead inspectors. Contractors are asked to get themselves certified in lead removal by Environment Protection Agency before finally become lead safety experts. Exposure to lead causes severe health problems such as brain damage, organ failure, cancer, lack of mental development of children and even death if prone to lead for longer duration.

Work Practice prerequisite: EPA has strictly advised all firms to distribute pamphlet “Renovate Right” on hazardous effects of lead before beginning renovation work. EPA has issued pre-disclosure renovation form to document compliance. Certain trainings, certification and work practice ethics specific to health hazards of lead must be undertaken by employees.

Certification by firms: As per norms issued by EPA, for any home or building built before 1978 has to mandatorily get its worker certified.

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Inspector Certification: EPA in April 2010 issued new rule about Lead renovation, repair and painting known as RRP rule. RRP rule made it compulsory for contractors to be certified and trained on lead safety rules and follow specific work practices.

Timeline for Certification:  A contractor can begin working as soon as he receives the completion certificate issued by EPA. The certificate of completion is deemed valid for 6 months and serves as temporary certification.

Certification exam must be attempted within 6 months of course completion. It’s imperative to submit the application for certification to the EPA within a time frame of 30 days after the training course finishes. This helps in buying time to clear the exam before the interim certification expires. After interim certification expires, you cease to work as a contractor if you fail to clear exam.

Types of EPA certification: Inspectors are not the only ones who can acquire EPA certification. There are risk assessors, abatement supervisors, project designers, abatement workers and supervisors. All have different activities as per their discipline.

Recordkeeping: Apart from getting certification, work practice requirements, EPA has laid down rules for record keeping.

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