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Choosing a Professional for Solar Panel Installation Washington State

Solar power has been adopted by many firms and companies and the solution to their electricity problems. It is advantageous in the sense that it reduces greenhouse gas level in the atmosphere and conserves energy for the user. There are things to consider when it comes to choosing a professional for solar panel installation Washington State

Consider your site.

During solar panel installation Washington State, it is necessary that you factor in the location of the building and its orientation. Consider the geographical area. The direction the building faces is another factor on the list. An assessment has to be carried out on the structural design and extent of the building. The year the structure was erected should also be known. Climatic elements including wind and snow could seriously impact the building’s structure. Therefore, the solar installer should assess the possible influence of these climatic elements along with the quality of the panels used in supporting the building.

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Choose your system.             

Solar energy could be transformed into electricity using a photovoltaic cell. A PV cell consists of certain parts known as arrays which makes use of inverters in order to transform direct current electricity produced by the energy of the sun into alternating current electricity which is stored in a battery. Photovoltaic cells could either be flat-plated or concentrator models. The flat plated models are the popular ones available in the market. Flat plate system uses arrays in its configuration that are either fixed at a spot or could move around to follow the sun’s direction. Scattered sun rays or sun rays that are move in a specific direction are used by the arrays of a flat plate system. Flat plate system is advantageous in that it is not a heavy duty equipment and is easy to operate. On the other hand, concentrators boost the amount of power generated by using reflectors and lenses. The price of concentrators is lesser due to the number of photovoltaic cells used. Instead of using more photovoltaic cells, reflectors are utilized in order to augment the power output. It is no news that the photovoltaic cell in a solar energy panel is the costliest part. As result of this fact, the price of a concentrator is usually reduced compared to a flat plated system. However, cooling devices are usually installed in a concentrator model to reduce the amount of heat produced by the lenses which could damage the photovoltaic cells.

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