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Avail the most efficient internal audit services with SAS Powertech

SAS Powertech is pioneer is providing internal audit services and helping companies enhance their energy efficiency. We are committed to improving the experience of our clients in terms of energy saving. With the help of auditing services, you can actually understand the level at which your internal energy equipments stand at the moment. It is a good practice if you want to keep increasing the energy efficiency within your organization. We are experts in the auditing services and do it with the help of set standards and we explain the entire process to you so exactly know how it is done.

Energy auditing with latest technology and trends

We provide the illumination audit where we study and analyze the current status of illumination in the facility and compare it the standards that are already set. We also provide an earthing audit where we study and analyze the compliance of your system to the set industrial standards. Similarly, we have the comprehensive energy audit that focuses on the analysis of the consumption of energy in various forms in within the industry like electricity, water, HVAC, Compressed Air, Fossil Fuel, Steam etc. Hence it helps in finding out more and more avenues for saving energy directly or indirectly through its analysis. Additionally, the HVAC audit helps in conducting the demand analysis of the entire facility to understand the exact required capacity of HVAC. This also helps in providing accurate predictive maintenance services to our clients.

Make your company efficient with us

Finally, the Electrical Safety Audit provides a certification of the effectiveness according to the current industrial standards. A complete internal auditing service is provided in order to certify the company by checking the heating, insulation and other things through comparison with our records. Our predictive maintenance services make sure that the clients are informed about the maintenance of their equipments and can lead to a complete efficiency and optimum utilization of all the structures.

We believe in the power of trust and have immense loyalty towards energy efficiency. Our sole agenda and motto is providing highly efficient power consumption with a better use of technology to our clients. We give a complete solution to all our clients and evaluate it within ourselves before presenting it to clients.

Having positive feedbacks from clients in almost all the sectors, we are proud of providing services that leads to 100% customer satisfaction. We are always elated to walk an extra mile to provide the best services to our clients.

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