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How Do Trees Grow?

Despite seeing trees all around us, there are a few misunderstandings which exist about how they actually grow. Taking the time to study how real trees grow can teach us about the surprising mechanisms that these complex plants boast. A Look at Plumbing We can view trees like annual plants. …

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EPA lead safety certification

Post ban of lead contaminated paints in 1978, home renovators have to abide by the law and pass home and building renovations by authorized lead inspectors. Contractors are asked to get themselves certified in lead removal by Environment Protection Agency before finally become lead safety experts. Exposure to lead causes …

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Medical Marijuana: What Are The Benefits?

For many years, misconceptions perpetrated by the media have falsely portrayed cannabis as a dangerous drug. The truth is that cannabis is a totally natural element that can be found in nature. Even when not tampered with by genetically modifying engineering, the effects of cannabis on the human body are …

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